GoAnimate – Create Animated Cartoon for Teaching

Using animated cartoon as a teaching tool can be fun, especially when you are teaching young learners. GoAnimate is a free online tool that allows you to create animated cartoon for free. The free account allows you to create cartoon videos with text-to-speech functions and interesting scenes to work on. Registration is free and you may use your Facebook or Google accounts for login.

The tutorial provided in GoAnimate is also very user-friendly and easy to follow. You don’t even have to spend hours editing as the tools in GoAnimate are very efficient in doing that. The limited free account is good enough for you to create short cartoons to highlight certain teaching content. If you would like to get more features, consider going for GoPlus. Apart from creating your own cartoons, you can also look at what others have done in the website.

As teachers, you can create a task for students to engage in this cartoon making activity. You may allow them to create a short video on a specific theme such as historical events or language functions which can be  showcased in class.

This short video shows a sample GoAnimate final product:

So? Try it out at GoAnimate!



Kee Man

An educator who is still learning and enjoys sharing what he has learned. He has a keen interest in technology-enhanced language learning particularly in the use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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