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GoAnimate – Create Animated Cartoon for Teaching
Using animated cartoon as a teaching tool can be fun, especially when you are teaching young learners. GoAnimate is a free online tool that allows you to create animated cartoon for free. The free account allows you to create cartoon videos with text-to-speech functions and interesting scenes to work on. Registration is free and you [...]
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Cleverbot – Artificial Intelligence for Communication
If you’re familiar with Eliza, the computer therapist, then Cleverbot may not be something that amazes you much. However, the fact that Cleverbot is using user-generated corpus of linguistic inputs (via millions of conversations) makes it even more intelligent! Via Cleverbot, the user is not holding a conversation with a bot that directly [...]
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Introducing Glogster – Learning via Poster
First of all, it’s not related to Google! Glogster ( is a great e-learning tool site with the tag line “poster yourself”.  A ‘glog’  is basically an online poster web page.  Students can combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio to create an interactive online poster. Glogster has a very simple to use interface.  The final [...]
Web Tools
Open-Source Learning Management Systems – Other Than Moodle
When it comes to open-source e-learning tools or LMS (particularly in Malaysia), many would only know the existence of Moodle.  Of course, Moodle is famous mainly because it is widely used by educational institutions across the globe especially when The Open University (UK) is spending millions in using it as its main LMS. With [...]
Virtual Reality (VR)-Based Learning Environment: Design, Develop, Evaluate
This book by Chwen-Jen Chen proposes an instructional design theoretical framework that prescribes instructional and design methods for virtual reality (VR)-based learning environments. It provides a thorough description on how to use a constructivist instructional development model to guide the process of designing, developing and evaluating VR-based learning environments. A learning environment that focuses on [...]