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The Quick and Easy Way to Teach Online with ZOOM
Kee ManAn educator who is still learning and enjoys sharing what he has learned. He has a keen interest in technology-enhanced language learning particularly in the use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.More Posts - <a href='' title='Kee [...]
Top 5 Websites to Download Free Audio Books
Audio books are essentially good to encourage students to enjoy good literary works and promote literacy awareness. Some of them might not be able to “read” well, but with the help of audio books, it could raise their vocabulary levels. Although there are a lot of commercial audio books in the mark, most of the [...]
First Words for Geeks – Tech Talk for Kids
Technology Natives or the net generations might not be able to relate well to the English words associated for each letter in the alphabet. Teratotech via its AIYO engine has introduced “First Words for Geeks”, which completely changes the usual words associated with the alphabet with modern tech lingo. The first word remains A=Apple [...]
8 Splendid Websites for Moodle Training Videos
Moodle is perhaps one of the most extensively used e-learning management system or platform in the world. While it may not be the best LMS out there, it does offer a lot of rooms for customization due to its open source nature. It’s also very user-friendly though for some, it may look little [...]
Web 2.0 Tools in Education: A Quick Guide
Web 2.0 tools are now very common and they should be fully utilised for educational purposes. While there are hundreds of tools out there, the aim is not for an educator to boast on the number of tools that he or she use, but how to maximise the potential of the tools to meet one’s [...]