Web 2.0 Tools in Education: A Quick Guide
Web 2.0 tools are now very common and they should be fully utilised for educational purposes. While there are hundreds of tools out there, the aim is not for an educator to boast on the number of tools that he or she use, but how to maximise the potential of the tools to meet one’s [...]
Web Tools
GoAnimate – Create Animated Cartoon for Teaching
Using animated cartoon as a teaching tool can be fun, especially when you are teaching young learners. GoAnimate is a free online tool that allows you to create animated cartoon for free. The free account allows you to create cartoon videos with text-to-speech functions and interesting scenes to work on. Registration is free and you [...]
Teacher’s Talk: Project Based Learning
Have you ever heard of Project Based Learning (PBL)? Or, how much do you know about PBL? Before I went for my formal ESL training, I was trained to teach Mathematics (7-12 years old). I had a very good lecturer, who adopted collaborative learning. It was 1997 then. Coperative and collaborative learning are the in-thing. [...]
Web Tools
Cleverbot – Artificial Intelligence for Communication
If you’re familiar with Eliza, the computer therapist, then Cleverbot may not be something that amazes you much. However, the fact that Cleverbot is using user-generated corpus of linguistic inputs (via millions of conversations) makes it even more intelligent! Via Cleverbot, the user is not holding a conversation with a bot that directly [...]
Hello Teachers, It’s NOT the Technology That Matters!
It is probably a trend for teachers to incorporate all sorts of technological tools in their classroom mainly due to their novelty rather than their effectiveness in achieving the lesson’s objectives. I once listened to a “tale” on how a teacher would amaze his students by showing a physics game on his iPad, claiming he has brought changes to [...]