5 Awesome iOS Apps to Enhance Your University Life

You’ve probably seen my 5 must-have Android apps to Kick Start Your Semester post and was wondering if I can share some apps for iOS. Well, here you are! Apart from the essential apps such as KeyNote or Pages, I’ve hand-picked 5 awesome and free iOS apps that can optimize your learning experience at university […]

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5 Must-Have Android Apps to Kick Start Your Semester

It’s the start of a new semester again! If you’re an Android smartphone user, here are 5 must-have apps that can help you manage your semester better. 1. Timetable by Gabriel Ittner This app has a very intuitive and beautiful interface, giving you a clear view of your daily routine. It is easier to save timetable, […]

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Top 5 Websites to Download Free Audio Books

Audio books are essentially good to encourage students to enjoy good literary works and promote literacy awareness. Some of them might not be able to “read” well, but with the help of audio books, it could raise their vocabulary levels. Although there are a lot of commercial audio books in the mark, most of the […]

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Learn Maths the Fun Way with Adam Dream

Learning mathematics can be perceived as boring by many young children, especially when they are taught using the traditional rote learning method of memorization and drills. But if you add some fun elements with meaningful context, it could make a huge difference and children might even get hooked to learn it better. That’s what Adam […]

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The Role of Technology in Teaching Super-Large Classes in Universities

Whether we like or not, the constant push to increase university enrollments has turned most of our classes from the “S size” to “XL size”  in a very short period of time. A class of 30 students in a course for the first semester of an academic year may expand to 100 or even 200 […]

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